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March 28th 2010
My name is Lars Fallentin, and I am born in 1965, and is therefore (only) 56 years old.
This picture was taken during my holiday in the Caribic, but as the hat says then I was also in Florida.
The idea with this homepage is to tell a little about myself and my interest.


1965May26.Born at 21:30 - Weight 3250 g, Lenght 53 cm.
1970autumnMoves to Fåborg.
1971AugustStarts in 1st class at the Sund school.
1974summerMoves to Nyborg.
1974AugustStarts i 3rd class at the Skovpark school.
1978ChristmasMoves to Holme in Højbjerg south of Århus during 7th class.
1979JanuaryContinues in 7th class at the Holme school.
1980November3.1 weeks of practical experience at Wilcken og Wulff (architects).
1981JuneFinishes 9th class at the Holme school.
1981AugustTakes 1 year basic tradeschool at The Viby Handelseskole.
1982AugustStarts at The Computer School in Lystrup north of Århus.
1984JanuaryAt military service examination - Failed because af possible bad back.
1984MayLooking for job in the computer bussiness. Called in for interviews by the 2 first job applications. Gets job on 2nd job application. Cancels interview from 1st job application.
1984JuneFinishes computer school.
1984AugustStarts working in the company Henning Næsted Data Consults A/S in Silkeborg.
1985AugustHenning Næsted Data Consults A/S changes name to Midtdata A/S.
1985October1.Changes job to work at Forex A/S in Silkeborg, which were my customer at Midtdata A/S after offer from the manager.
1986December1.Changes job to Linds Møbler A/S in Thorning.
1988January1.Changes job back to Midtdata A/S in Silkeborg.
1988AprilMidtdata A/S is sold to Edb-gruppen A/S.
1988May1.Moves working location to Edb-gruppen A/S in Herning.
1989July1.Changes job to DATAdan Silkeborg A/S in Silkeborg.
2002August1.Changes job to Viborg Gruppen Holding A/S in Viborg.
2003April1.The companies in the Viborg Gruppen is sold to Euromaster. Employment changes to Scanrub Holding A/S.
2006January1.The company changes name from Hjulcentret Danmark A/S to Euromaster Danmark A/S.
2007October15.Is promoted to IT/IS Manager in Euromaster Danmark A/S.
2011February2.The IT/IS manager position is abolished in connection with the establishment of a nordic zone. Continues as normal employed in the IT department.
2021December4.Still working at Euromaster Danmark A/S in Viborg.


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